To Whom It May Concern:

Carrington Mortgage Services has engaged Broker Associate Joseph Weinstein for its marketing and sales portfolio in the Northern California region.

I have worked with Mr. Weinstein on some of our more difficult REO assets, including multi-unit, tenant I landlord matters, municipal and code enforcement challenges and hostile owners.

In every instance, Joseph persevered in each situation, and in the process, removed any risk to the investor while completing the sale transaction.

Joseph has been resourceful and conscientious in his approach with REO residential properties.

He clearly identifies with the demands of monitoring, securing, preserving and selling distressed assets.

I respectfully extend my recommendation for engaging the services of Mr. Weinstein for your real estate needs.

Chris Lechtanski

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter based on the experience I have had working with Joseph Weinstein in the sale of my mother’s home. This was an Estate Property sale.

Joseph came highly recommended from a good friend that has worked with Joseph for years and had Joseph recently sell his mother’s home. I found Joseph very knowledgeable about Real Estate Property sales and about Estate Real Estate Property sales, he was ethical, possess good negotiating skills and someone we found very easy to work with and to trust. I highly recommend Joseph for your Estate Property sale.

Joseph responded quickly to our many questions with sound answers and advice, did a very good job of keeping us up to date on the activities he was doing to sell our mother’s home, made sure he understood the wishes of the family in selling the Estate Property and what we were trying to accomplish in the sale of the property (multiple family members were involved in the sale of the property). When we received a serious offer on the property, Joseph spoke with each of the family members involved with the property to ensure they understood the offer we had received and to answer any questions they may have. This was appreciated by all family members. Joseph provided the comps for the properties that have sold and were currently listed in the area to help us understand the value of the property; he created “books” of the properties sold and for sale to help the buyers understand the true value of this property. Joseph also helped us make the correct decisions in selling my mother’s home. He suggested that we clean up the property and sell the home in “As Is” condition to try to secure an offer for the property before the “last week of the summer buying season”. Initially I was not in favor of this approach, but Joseph did a good job of explaining the pros and cons on this approach and convincing me to try it. I am happy to share with you that I/we did listen to his guidance and advice and we receive an offer (it is still in escrow) over the minimum amount we set for the sale of the property during the “last week of the summer buying season”. With the help of the work crew Joseph recommended we hire to repair, fix and clean the property we were able to receive an acceptable offer on the property (this was a significant contributor to selling the property!).

Thanks to Joseph’s help, we met our goal of having the property listed and an offer accepted during the “last week of the summer buying season”.


Ted Pepping


Thank you for handling the sale of our property in a most professional and expeditious manner. You gave an impressive presentation the first time we met you and the service you provided was exceptional. When we decided to sell our family home, we wanted a realtor that had the expertise needed to make this process as painless as possible. Your professionalism was quite impressive and you by far exceeded any expectations we had. You worked with us, gave excellent suggestions and returned all calls promptly. Inspections and reports were completed quickly. The marketing of the property was wonderful. Your marketing generated a lot of interest and we received our first offer shortly after listing. Your knowledge and attention to detail streamlined all paperwork making it as easy for us as possible. We highly recommend you to anyone in need of professional real estate assistance.

– Rick and Nancy Smith, Milpitas